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ABC book

Is there any meaning in what happens to us in our life?
How do we know whether the path we choose will lead to the right destination? Many people wonder whether there is a plan or a destination for their life at all.
For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord.  ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you.  I have plans to give you a future filled with hope. Jeremiah 29:11
When I was a child, I used to think that everyone else lived their lives like our family did. I thought everyone moved from place to place, country to country, town to town, house to house.  Maybe my rootlessness gave this story such an impact in my life. When I was seven, I found this Swedish book in a house we moved to. A Swedish family had lived there.   VILL DU LÄSA?  (DO YOU WANT TO READ?) 

Of course, I wanted to read the book with such a title. I could read English books already when I was four years old. I begged my mother to teach me to read this book. Swedish was her language. We spoke Finnish, my f…