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I stand amazed

I Stand Amazed


Welcome to join me in finding our story.
Where does one begin a story?
Once upon a time...

There are numerous untold stories unfolding daily in each of our lives.
Thanks to modern technology, I am finding old
- and new friends -
almost every week.

It is hard for me to concentrate on a single line of my story.  Maybe I must write first to sort out the tangled threads of my life.  As I have lived around the globe, who knows what the final picture will be like.

I welcome comments and reflections from my readers.

I hope to add other blogs and posts as I go along.

Just a few days ago I discovered a member of one family I knew 60 years ago in Ceylon. We never lived in the same town, but we met occasionally when we traveled with my father. Their two girls, a few years younger than me, sang beautifully. I envied their confidence, as I was terribly shy.
I remember one tropical evening when I was ten. We had just returned to Ceylon after two years in Finland. We arrived late to …